August 8, 2014
Canada Wide Media Founder and CEO Peter Legge Named One of “The Most-Admired British Columbians”

BURNABY, B.C. — Canada Wide Media is thrilled to announce that the company’s founder, chairman and CEO Peter Legge has been named one of “The Most-Admired British Columbians” in a new survey released by InsightsWest.

Legge had the extra distinction of being cited along Jim Pattison and Chip Wilson as the province’s most-admired entrepreneurs. Late legends David Lam and Jack Poole (real estate), Edgar Kaiser (mining), Milton Wong (finance), Nat Bailey (food), Tong Louie (retail) and forestry magnates Irving Barber and William Sauder were all honoured posthumously.

“Peter Legge was the most-admired media entrepreneur in the province,” says Mario Canseco, Insights West Vice President, Public Affairs, who organized the survey. “He transcended the other media names that participants submitted, because those tended to be media personalities and one-person brands.”

He says Legge was recognized on the rarified “unique list of people who built the province with their entrepreneurial expertise and made a name for themselves,” because of his decades of creating jobs and investment in local, exclusive storytelling.

“It’s so rewarding to see someone dedicate their career to investing in and building a business around journalism,” Canseco notes. “Especially recently, when traditional media is being written off as an industry. Peter continues to create jobs and businesses that contribute to the local media industry and he’s being recognized here for it.”

Legge says that his place on the list is a mix of pride and nostalgia.

“I’ve been in the media business all my life and I’ve had the privilege of meeting most of these distinguished entrepreneurs,” he says. “To even be considered in the same rank is an absolute honour.”

Click here for Canseco’s full analysis of the “Most-admired British Columbians” list.

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