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Discover why companies across Canada subscribe to Wellness Matters for their employees

At Wellness Matters we provide a quick-access, quarterly newsletter that gives your employees the information they need to take action to improve their own health, and offer a suite of expanded products and services that foster healthy change in your workplace.

Complement your organization’s wellness program, and have Wellness Matters serve as your company’s newsletter complete with your corporate logo. It pays to invest in your employees’ health and well-being—Wellness Matters makes it easy and inexpensive to show that you care.

Available in both English or French, and print or digital format, Wellness Matters is designed to give working Canadians the information and motivation they need to improve their own health.

And more than that, Wellness Matters provides effective solutions for true, healthy change in the workplace with an expanded portfolio of engaging, energizing, life-enhancing products and services customized to your employees’ needs.

Wellness Matters Newsletters

Wellness Matters is a health and wellness newsletter designed to motivate employees and their families to be healthy and to live actively. Produced quarterly by Canada Wide Media, each eight-page issue contains at least 10 easy-to-read articles and offers readers the choice to change their lifestyle. The newsletter focuses on four areas: wellness, mental health, fitness and nutrition.

Available in print and digital formats, every issue features:

  • Well-researched, timely health-related content reviewed and approved by a top team of Canadian health professionals;
  • Stories that promote both physical and psychological well-being and emphasize positive approaches to nutrition, fitness and lifestyle;
  • Practical tips that make it easy for employees and their families to make simple but effective changes to their lifestyle for improved mental and physical health.

Make Wellness Matters the cornerstone of your company’s commitment to healthier and happier employees.

French Version: Pause Santé

Wellness Matters provides employers across Canada with all the information they need to make health, fitness, nutrition and well-being a part of their workplace culture — in both English and French.

Pause Santé, the French-language print and digital edition of Wellness Matters, offers the same broad mix of valuable advice reviewed and approved by a team of top Canadian health professionals.



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